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The Board of Directors

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“I serve on the Abbey Board as my commitment to help provide a setting and atmosphere for guests of the Abbey to ‘Rediscover Peace’. The efforts and guidance of the Board help to support the great employees and volunteers in their efforts to provide that atmosphere and setting. It is my honor and pleasure to do what I can.”

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Vice President

“I love working at the Abbey for soooo many reasons.  Perhaps the biggest reason I love working here is the opportunity to meet so many holy visitors—of all faiths—who are simply coming to the Abbey to step back and encounter God and their neighbor in a deeper, more purposeful way…to actively seek His peace in their lives.  In seeing that, it inspires me to do the same.”

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“I have chosen to serve on the Abbey of the Hills Board of Directors because of my belief in our mission and because of my conviction that the Abbey facility, the commitment of our staff, volunteers, and benefactors along with our programming are being utilized so that others may come to know of a true peace that God wants to freely give.”

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“During my corporate working experience, my work/life balance always seemed off-balance so I really looked forward to events/workshops/retreats
to reflect and rewind.  Seeing so many others in need, upon retirement I was considering buying/building such a space for others when I found the Abbey.  Its mission and purpose is exactly what I was hoping to offer to others.  That's why I am happy to serve.”

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“I enjoy the peacefulness that The Abbey offers along with a great group of co-workers that make each day fun and entertaining.”

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“I have chosen to serve on the board at Abbey of the Hills because the Abbey is dedicated to promoting peace and it is a welcoming place
to all who enter. The staff at the Abbey is amazing and it is a blessing to be a part of a place that forwards Christ message of peace and love to all.”


“I was excited to serve on the Board of Directors for the Abbey of the Hills to help continue and grow the Benedictine Monks hospitality and spirituality.  Preserving and enriching the Abbey of the Hills helps me Rediscover Peace in my own life!”



“I serve on the Abbey Board because I believe it is important to preserve this beautiful place founded by the monks and promote the peace that can be found here and is so needed in our world today.”

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“I have chosen to serve on the Abbey Board of Directors because of a long-standing LOVE of the monks, the grounds, and what seems to be a gentle call from God to do so and my belief that his providence is being poured out on all those who do so through a deeper peace in our lives.”

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