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Abbey A/C Campaign 2022

Dear Friend of the Abbey,


1.  You already know that the Abbey is a peaceful and holy place.


2.  All four seasons are wonderful to visit the Abbey!However, not all    seasons are comfortable for its guests.


  • Summertime is a BIG challenge.The brick structure of this building really heats up! It can get quite hot & sticky in the Abbey.


  • Many individuals and groups choose not to stay overnight due to the inability to cool the lodging rooms in the Retreat Wing.

The Retreat Wing rooms have windows that allow for window air-conditioning units.

Would you prayerfully consider helping the Abbey become a year-round “comfy-cool” and “cozy warm” space for all those seeking to “Rediscover Peace?"

3.   A $92,000 “Abbey AC Campaign” has been created as a way to bring more folks/events to stay at the Abbey. 

This upgrade will include:

  • Mini-split AC/Heat Pumps (for 23 lodging rooms) that will have multi-functional purposes: to provide cool air in the summer and add supplemental heat during the cold months.Each AC/Heat Pump unit is $4,000.

  • Installation & electrical upgrades needed to install each unit

  • An affordable solution to the cooling/heating needs of our guests.

Ways to Donate:
  • Mail your donation to the Abbey.

  • Click HERE to make your secure online donation

  • Call 605.398.9200 and made a secure donation over the phone

Through your financial gift and prayers may you "rediscover peace" knowing the impact it will have on many for year to come.

We are so grateful for your response in help to maintain and grow the Abbey's mission.  Thank you for your continued support!  May God bless you!


For more information, contact Cindi Tramonte at 605-398-9200 or



Download a full PDF list of details HERE.

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