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November 4-6, 2022
This is an opportunity to spend time with Jesus that is free from distractions, responsibilities, technology, and noise.   There are no expectations, no speakers or classes, and no talking.   🙂 This is an environment to "just be"...  to rest in fellowship with our Lord.   (Although you won't have access to your phone, laptop etc during this retreat, an emergency phone number will be provided so that your family can reach you in case of emergency.)   Because there is no schedule or agenda for the weekend, you have the freedom to spend time with Jesus through prayer, worshipping, journaling, walking in nature, studying scripture, reading, resting etc. .... just "being".

Space is limited to 30 attendees.  Registration Deadline October 28, 2022
Prices listed are per person. 


Presented by
Abbey of the Hills Inn & Retreat Center
46561 147th Street
Marvin, SD 57251